Women’s Super League: Goals and highlights of every match in the 2023/24 season

Women’s Super League. A moment to make Manchester City believe that the title was theirs, and a final dose of Emma Hayes’ deception: “I would love to win titles with Chelsea again, but I’m afraid it won’t be this year,” she stated. May 1st.

It felt sincere and yet here we are 17 days later, watching Chelsea claim their fifth consecutive WSL crown. Is anyone else feeling a little silly?

It’s something you cultivate through experience and one that captain Millie Bright summed up perfectly on the final day: “When half the country writes you off, we always have our monster mentality.”

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Winners have a knack under pressure and that was especially evident when the Blues dismantled Manchester United in their own backyard, sharing six goals between five different goalscorers.

Hayes’ rallying cry worked. “Let me be clear, this is not over,” he said after watching his team beat Bristol City 8-0 to reignite the race, four days after supposedly conceding the title to City.

Women’s Super League

When Chelsea get punched, they don’t stay down for long. Who would dare deny Hayes the end of his dreams? The perfect epilogue to his career at Chelsea. How Emma Hayes conceded defeat

The last half decade, transformative for women’s football, undoubtedly belongs to her, its main driver of change. And it must be said that Hayes played his hand wonderfully. How Emma Hayes conceded defeat

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Local euros, the first lucrative television deal, transition to major stadiums, commercial and sponsorship opportunities, new audiences and the influx of the world’s best talent – the key was always to be one step ahead.

Chelsea embraced the rapid evolution of the game and, in doing so, became its most potent force. This season marks the first time in WSL history that a women’s team sold out their club’s main stadium; Chelsea did it. Attract the best talent, tic. Plotting championships, they did that too.

We should have expected it to be like this. Once the Gunners opened the door, coming back from a 1-0 deficit in the 89th minute to beat Man City 2-1 on May 5, the cloak of inevitability fell. Chelsea had to lose.

Women’s Super League

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