Amazing Toni Kroos walks away early at the top, a mic-drop moment 2024

Toni Kroos walks away early at the top. Toni Kroos finished his career the way he played: with perfect timing, in complete control, a man apart. Few footballers would have done it that way and even fewer fans wanted it to happen when it did, but it’s his choice and that’s reason enough. Isco recently begged him to continue,

Dani Carvajal didn’t really want to say goodbye, and David Alaba admitted he was “upset”; Lucas Vazquez was “devastated” and Vinicius Junior described it as a “terrible day of football”. But trust him, this is what Toni Kroos does and has done for 17 years: making the right decision at the right moment, carefully chosen and precisely executed. Toni Kroos walks away early at the top

“This season, my tenth at Real Madrid, will be my last,” he said Tuesday morning in a special Spanish version of the podcast he conducts with his brother Felix. “I am convinced that this is the right decision.”

Toni Kroos walks away early at the top

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He is also one of his very own. In February, when Carlo Ancelotti was asked about the possibility of the German retiring at the end of this season, he replied: “If he does that, he has courage.” He had always had this courage, another kind of courage; If there was a hint of disbelief that accompanied Ancelotti’s admiration – he wouldn’t… would he? – There was also an admission that he might do so. Cross is a little different, and here he goes early, at 34 years old, and on top: a mic drop moment. Toni Kroos walks away early at the top

Isco replied: “Very sad, my friend, but you completed the match.” Pretty soon, maybe he really was going to do it. When Kroos reached 400 appearances for Real Madrid, he tweeted: “Things could have been worse.” 2014 World Cup winner and four-time league champion, his last match for Real Madrid will be the European Cup final; He will equal Paco Gento’s record of six wins. If he gets there, his last match for Germany will be the European Championship final, in Germany. His return from international retirement in March is the perfect plan that allows for the perfect retirement. Toni Kroos walks away early at the top

And it will be retirement, too: there is no decline in a second-tier league, but it is profitable, and the heart is no longer there. “When I leave Madrid, I leave football,” he insisted.

From Madrid to heaven, as they say. Know your value, not your price. When Real Madrid won the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia last winter, local fans angrily booed him for expressing his disappointment with Jabri Vega going to Saudi Arabia. After the match, Toni Kroos, who was very calm, with little mischief, a man above all nonsense, tweeted: “That was fun today. Amazing crowd.” Toni Kroos walks away early at the top

His retirement announcement fits that too, and fits with the way he plays: no flash, no fireworks. As the eulogy began, he tweeted: “Am I at least trending?” Toni Kroos walks away early at the top

What a path we must take, the path he always said he wanted: his way. Before he gets too tired of it or they get too tired of it. “I’m happy that there are a lot of people who want me to play for another year; it’s always better than the opposite, when they say: ‘Please stop,'” he said in February. Toni Kroos walks away early at the top

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