Latest Update The Relegation Battle Heats Up in Serie A’s Final Rounds 2024

The Relegation Battle Heats Up

The Relegation Battle Heats Up. The relegation race has intensified in these last three matchdays of Serie A, with Lecce facing Udinese in the 36th matchday of the championship. Celenten are already safe thanks to defeats to Cagliari and Frosinone this weekend. With so many head-to-head clashes in this championship final, Kristovic and teammates battled hard and fought for safety. The situation is different for Udinese, who are in seventeenth place with just one point ahead of Sassuolo. A win today would mean a significant jump in the standings which would bring the Friulians up to 16th place.

Where the broadcast The Relegation Battle Heats Up:-

Lecce-Udinese kicks off today at 18.30 at Via del Mare. The match is broadcast live on Dazn, available on all active smart TVs. Additionally, the game can be watched live streaming thanks to the official Dazn app.

Possible lineup:-

Lecce (4-4-1-1): Falcone; Gendrey, Pongracic, Baschirotto, Gallo; Al-Maqoist, Ramadani, Bilan, Durgo; Odin; Kristovich. Coach Gotti.

Udinese (3-4-2-1): Okoye; Perez, Bijoule, Christensen; Ehizibue, Wallace, Payero, Kamara; Samardzic, Pereira; Luca Koch Cannaro. The Relegation Battle Heats Up

The Referee:-

The referee for Lecce-Udinese is David Massa. His assistants on the spot are Imperial and Priti, while the fourth official is Marchetti. Di Paolo is at war, assisted by Sierra. The Relegation Battle Heats Up

What Changes in the Relegation Race:-

The match is crucial for the relegation race, with Udinese mired in the bottom zone of the standings. On the 36th matchday, both clubs were still uncertain about their futures, while after defeats to Cagliari and Frosinone, Lecce secured relegation safety. The Relegation Battle Heats Up

Now it’s up to Udinese, who have three straight clashes to try to get as many points as possible. A victory against the Celentines would see Samardzic and teammates move up to 15th in the standings, alongside Cagliari. In the remaining two match days, the Friulians will face Empoli and Frosinone with the aim of getting 6 points. If victory comes today, the Tuscans will move into the relegation zone, followed by Siouxari who will be one point ahead.

The Relegation Battle Heats Up

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