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The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup. “Nunca he visited a group of juego most comprometido que el que tenemos ahora”, dice Rob Lynch, director ejecutivo saliente de la Asociación de Jugadores de Cricket Profesionales. “Quieren comprender el valor de los acuerdos de transmisión, las cifras de publicidad y la audiencia. Obtienen the economía and obtienen su valor. “This is what makes the world different during the day.”

Después de cuatro años y medio en el sindicato de jugadores, Lynch, de 41 años, está a punto de seguirer adelante, un puesto como director de cricket operaciones en el Marylebone Cricket Club demasiado atractivo para rechazarlo. This month is a special one for the situation, that the last batary in New Zealand lives in New Zealand, part of the children’s cricket ball at Lord’s in the Epoca, in the first place, with Brendon McCullum, to whom there is no income. We come back to rugby. .

There are many cafes, Lynch admits that the moment of the movement is no longer open in 2024 today, but the largest markets at the PCA and the island of Inglaterra and the places that come to the market at the same time. As of now, the view of the screen and the modern jugador of the French league Twenty20 has changed the traditional professional cricket tray and the club, if it is the suficientement of the country, of Inglaterra.

The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup

“Ahora es un panorama de empleo global”, dice Lynch. “The modern crèque jugador tiene más portunidades que nunca. The large area of ​​the land that no one accepts this story includes the players who are just playing in the land of Inglaterra and the world that makes them live in cricket and private competitions. He saw jugadores at the top of salt at night at the same time as fast in my epocca. The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup

“Since we have come to the port, we do not have the right to move to the port, the creo that leads to the desert rollados in Inglaterra, which mirrors the calendar and displays julio and agosto at the moment to tumbarse in a una playa in Spain, porque, claro, ahora, hundreds and blasts.” Algunas de las portunidades de las ingresos The invierno pasado tuvimos 79 jugadores maculinos jugando en el extranjero y la pregunta es: How do people stay in the cricket world? The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup

This is why we are in the grave, so the PCA bus drives us to “pequeña” reducción del volumen de cricket condado y los hundreds están al borde de la privada. The Pakistani Premier League is coinciding with the new Premier League in India, for the next time, with the top teams in the Campeonato del Condado, where the team is with more talent. The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup

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“The PSL is moving faster than ever,” dice Lynch. “During August 10, the game will be different. It is extremely superior, as the golf clubs compete with most professional tennis players or golfistas, with their own suitable equipment, entrenadores and equipment, used for auto repair. At the time of the calendar, there will be a change in sensitivity. Algo tiene que ceder. We also want to know that there is no other function, and every club will be sent to a new location. The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup

“Cada año the PCA organized campamentos for new and preguntamos with the jugadores dónde centran sus habilidades. It is important to know that this series has blanca and ambos in formatos, for the sake of honesty, it will be in the same place or ambos. In the PCA, you have already entered the future, due to the day of the 18th month, with a mini-minimum experience, a tenner with a different design and other things to do in the world, it is possible that you have different types of people. “. The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup

There will also be a change in the new transmission date from 2025, and there will be many memorandums attached to the hombres and Mujeres of Inglaterra, and the opposite will be for the hombres of the contract and the main jugadores, the new ones and the place ción continua entre el BCE and la PCA. If there is a cloud in the sky, it will be renovated with a yellow background, it’s clear that the jugadores are using the pastel mayor. The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup

“The part of the world is here: What is the value of the Masculino program and the women of England for English cricket?” Lynch explica. “Creemos that the current item does not return to the value of what is stored in the juego. Decimos abiertamente que queremos trabajar con usted [el BCE] para comprender cómo ha llegado asta cifra, porque tenemos que hacerlo bien.” The Ashes could become like the Ryder Cup

Due to the fact that in Glaterra between the central contratos several times in October next year, Ben Stokes will remain alone for 12 months. The screen is set in the same time and the pregunta si the capitán of the test actuará como delegado sindical del sindicato en estas conversaciones, pero lo cita como un excelente ejemplo de jugador moderno que conoce su valor y ve el panorama mas amplio.

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