Latest Update Pakistan Hockey Team in Finals Azlan Shah Hockey Cup 2024

Pakistan Hockey Team in Finals Azlan Shah

Pakistan Hockey Team in Finals Azlan Shah. I have come to you guys with a very awesome post as you guys know that Pakistan hockey team reached the final of Azlan Shah Cup and had a very exciting match with Japan almost 13 years ago. After the Pakistan hockey team reached the final in a very big event and all the hard work is on the boys.

They were very young boys and they achieved this position with a lot of hard work and the Pakistan team reached the final. 13 years ago, the Pakistan team reached the final and took the Silver medal.

Journey of the hockey team in azlan Shah cup:-

In the Azlan Shah Cup, the hockey team showcased their competencies at the international level and embarked on an stimulated adventure with determined talent. From the outlet game, they confirmed resilience and tact, triumphing large towards risky opponents. Each recreation became a testomony to their cohesiveness and strategy, as they achieved the previous demanding situations with precision and value. With each bypass play, their confidence grew and that they moved ahead with unwavering cognizance.

The adventure changed Pakistan Hockey Team into not without its limitations, but they met adversity head on, and harnessed the strength of their collective spirit. As the event improved, they showed off their abilties in each assault and defense, earning plaudits from fanatics and opponents alike. Ultimately their journey culminated in a triumphant show of expertise and worth, leaving an indelible mark on the Azlan Shah Cup and writing their names in hockey history.

Pakistan and Japan match result in azlan Shah cup:-

The match between Pakistan and Japan was very interesting, the result of which was equal till the end. Plenty of shutouts meant a lot too, but unfortunately Pakistan lost by 4-1. Pakistan hockey team showed great performance in the whole match and Japan, which is the most recognized team in the whole world, played to a tie in the final.

Pakistan hockey team names:- (Pakistan Hockey Team in Finals Azlan Shah)

  • Khan Abdullah ishtiyak
  • 2 Abdullah Mohammed
  • Aslam
  • Khan sufian
  • Shakil
  • rana Waheed Ashraf
  • Shahid
  • Arshad Liaquat
  • rahman Abdul
  • coach oltman Roland

Pakistan Hockey Team in Finals Azlan Shah

Pakistan Hockey Team in Finals Azlan Shah

Teams in Azlan Shah:-

The team arts participated in azlan Shah cup are is under

  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Koria
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan

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